NAELA Chapters

NAELA Chapters bring many of the same NAELA benefits to a local level by focusing on state specific issues. One of the most important benefits is the listserv. As a private attorney, your chapter membership automatically gives you access to the listserv, member pricing on events and a space in chapter directories.

Current members of NAELA are eligible to join individual State Chapters from the following list. If you are interested in joining a Chapter, download and complete the Existing Member Chapter Application, link below. Chapter membership is on a calendar year January through December.

Contact NAELA Membership or go to the chapter membership page for more information. 

Arizona ChapterCaleb S. LihnCaleb S. Lihn18778
Colorado ChapterMarco D. ChayetMarco D. Chayet10014
Connecticut ChapterSteven Rubin, CELASteven Rubin, CELA16037
Florida Chapter (AFELA)Grady Williams, Jr.Grady Williams, Jr.454
Georgia ChapterHeather Durham Nadler, CELAHeather Durham Nadler, CELA2544
Illinois ChapterDawn M. WeeklyDawn M. Weekly5783
Indiana ChapterDaniel L. Siewers18299
Kansas ChapterStephanie J. WilsonStephanie J. Wilson16199
Massachusetts ChapterPamela B. GreenfieldPamela B. Greenfield7094
Maryland/DC ChapterElena Sallitto, CELA7477
Michigan ChapterJoseph D. Weiler, Jr., CELAJoseph D. Weiler, Jr., CELA8009
Minnesota ChapterJill M. SauberJill M. Sauber21133
Missouri ChapterLori B. RookLori B. Rook14744
California, Northern ChapterKathleen A. Day-SeiterKathleen A. Day-Seiter14838
North Carolina ChapterJennifer E. DalmanJennifer E. Dalman20400
New Hampshire ChapterSarah S. AmbrogiSarah S. Ambrogi3271
New York ChapterTammy LawlorTammy Lawlor2775
Ohio ChapterJennifer H. Sitterley, CELAJennifer H. Sitterley, CELA8597
Oklahoma ChapterDenis P. Rischard14898
Pennsylvania ChapterRobert C. Gerhard, III, CELARobert C. Gerhard, III, CELA6504
Rhode Island ChapterElizabeth S. Phillips19602
California, Southern ChapterCatalina A. ReynosoCatalina A. Reynoso21483
Tennessee ChapterBarbara Boone McGinnis, CELABarbara Boone McGinnis, CELA12695
Texas ChapterLori A. Leu, CELALori A. Leu, CELA7688
Virginia ChapterVera L. GolenzerVera L. Golenzer12399
Vermont ChapterEllen B. LaPlanteEllen B. LaPlante16158
Washington ChapterJames M. BrownJames M. Brown10815
Wisconsin ChapterGreg J. Banchy, CELAGreg J. Banchy, CELA14842