Over the last year NAELA's Board of Directors and staff have been working to enhance and improve the NAELA website, its consumer and member directories, and overall communication.  We appreciate all of the members who took the time to provide valuable feedback that guided our efforts during this initial process. 

Special attention and focus have been given to the following items that NAELA will be rolling out over the next several months. The first being our enhanced member-only directory. 

Additionally, you will notice over the next month the website will receive a new look and design as well a as an streamlined navigation path. We've made enhancements to how you can search and find items on a page as well as an enhanced search tool and key topics that will drop down from each area of the website. 

If you have specific items you would like to learn more about we've created a few tips here. Please email us if you have any questions or would like further information. 

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