The Uses of Medical Marijuana (2021)

NAELA Annual Conference 2021
The Uses of Medical Marijuana in Older Adults and People with Disabilities. This presentation will make the case for why there should be access to medical marijuana for clinical reasons, including its use in palliative care to mitigate pain and suffering, and its use by older adults living in congregate settings like assisted living facilities or nursing homes. This session also will include a discussion of the benefits of medical marijuana vs. traditional pain management and/or anti-depressants for older people and people with disabilities, specifically the use of medical marijuana in facilities such as nursing homes that take federal dollars (Medicare, Medicaid) since marijuana is not legal under federal law. 2021 Annual Conference
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Melanie Bone, MD

Director of Medical Cannabis, MorseLife Health System

West Palm Beach, FL

Barry Gordon, MD

Compassionate Cannabis Clinic

Venice, FL

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