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Featured Member Mark D. Munson, CELA, CAPI had the pleasure of interviewing NAELA member Mark D. Munson. Mark is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) and a member of the Council of Advanced Practitioners (CAP). He is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. His firm, Ruder Ware, LLSC, is in Wausau, Wisconsin.
Medicare Appeal Navigation Lunch & Learn2021 John J. Regan Award recipient Terry Berthelot, MSW, JD, invites you to join this webinar for an extended discussion on her award-winning article. The article’s discussion of how the current Medicare regulations arose provides insight into a system that attorneys encounter every day in their practice.
Medicare Appeal NavigationMedicare appeals are complicated. They are complicated because there are different kinds of Medicare, different kinds of medical care, and different kinds of Medicare appeals. Consequently, when contemplating taking on a Medicare appeal, it’s easy to feel at sea. The intent of this article is to lessen this sense of uncertainty.
Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Care Section: Winning Against a Stacked DeckMedicare beneficiaries have a legal right to appeal a hospital discharge but the regulations are written such that it is almost impossible to win such an appeal. Understanding why is vital to successful advocacy.
Health Care SIG: Medicare Hospice Care (News)Hospice care is holistic care for the dying. (Page 14)

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