NAELA Community


It is important to NAELA to create a member community in which members can network and support each other. One of the most important ways for members to connect is through the member listserv. NAELA offers members the opportunity to email questions, ask for referrals, share in experiences and connect in a variety of other professional ways through the national listserv. Here are a few notes about this feature:

Participation is included with membership (member listserv as well as any chapters and sections you have paid dues for), you will receive an email with instructions shortly after joining

Customize where and how you would like the listserv emails to be sent (you have the ability to add additional email addresses)
Documents or forms can be attached to messages and will be automatically added to the community library
Access to settings to temporarily turn off email 
An archive of previous messages is also available 

Posting for the first time new members - important!

You will receive emails automatically as a member benefit but will be required to accept the terms of use before being able to post. To do so, please visit the community home page here . You only need to accept the terms of use once.

View list of the email addresses for posting messages (you will only be able to post to those communities that you are a paid member of)


For answers to other questions about the listserv please visit the Communities FAQ page

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