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ACLS Online Library

Read the article, "Staying Active in Your Golden Years," in the Pacific Medical Training ACLS Online Library to learn more about the importance of staying active and healthy as we age.

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Addiction Group

Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases. Medical professionals review every fact-based piece of content published to our site. Find resources on what to do if your partner is an alcoholic and more.

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Car Insurance for Senior Drivers

Read this article about finding the right car insurance as a senior.

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Founded in 2007, is the leading online destination for those seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones.

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Elder Law in a Nutshell - Available for Purchase

Designed to assist anyone who has regular contract with older persons, including lawyers, law students, social workers, health care personnel, retirement planners and gerontologists or anyone who wishes a better insight into the world of elder law. By Lawrence A. Frolik and Richard L. Kaplan; Published by West Publishing

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Home Modifications for Seniors and People With Disabilities

With so many people affected by disability in the U.S., many turn to modifying their homes as a way to maintain independence and comfort. However, the possibilities of making a home more accessible can come with a steep price tag.

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National Elder Law Month

In May, elder law attorneys throughout the country contribute a great deal to their communities by educating seniors about their legal options and by providing pro bono services.

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National Special Needs Law Month

In October, special needs planning attorneys throughout the country contribute a great deal to their communities by educating those with special needs, their families, and caregivers about their legal needs.

Go to NAELA's National Special Needs Law Month page is a complete online resource for getting smart about caring for your aging parents, with hundreds of articles, experts on demand and a store with over 4,500 of the most often needed home care products and medical supplies.

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Senior Living Alternatives

The Consumer Affairs site article discussing the different types of senior living options.

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Seniors/Aging News from Medical News Today

People are living longer than ever before, and many seniors live active and healthy lives. However, as we age, our bodies and minds change. There are things you can do to stay healthy and active as you age, and it is important to understand what to expect. This category includes news on the biology of aging, demographics, continuity of care, quality of life, care needs, longevity and lifestyle.

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Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly: Forms & Practice - Available for Purchase

A guide for counsel to elderly clients, this publication includes forms, checklists and practice tips for healthcare, retirement, tax and financial decisions. By Michael Gilfix, David M. English, and Rebecca C. Morgan; Published by LexisNexis

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The Most Common Questions About Elder Law

May is National Elder Law Month when elder law attorneys across the country help educate seniors and people with disabilities about their legal options and offer pro bono services. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) is the premier U.S. association of U.S. attorneys who specialize in the legal issues of older adults and individuals with special needs. Hyman Darling, a Massachusetts elder law attorney and the president of NAELA, shares his insights to 10 common questions about elder law.

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Special Needs Resources

These sites offer a variety of Special Needs resources.

Go to website  - Ten organizations and resources for individuals with special needs.

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Veteran Substance Abuse

This article will discuss how veteran substance abuse hurts our troops when they return home. And we will discuss the way that we can help them overcome their substance use disorders.

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