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Take Steps Now to Harness AI for the Future

By Vanessa Kanaga, Esq.

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The Benefits of Purchasing a Medicaid Compliant Annuity in the Community Spouse’s Name

By Dale Krause, J.D., LLM, and Scott Engstrom, J.D.

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Oher News Highlights but Also Obscures Issues in Guardianship


By Wendy Cappelletto, CAP, Fellow; Mike Knaapen; and Lauren Marinaro, Esq.

The recent controversy in the news around former NFL player Michael Oher has brought guardianship/conservatorship issues again into the spotlight. Still, in some ways, the light is more blinding than revealing.

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Help Your Clients Plan Their Housing Future


By Rajiv Nagaich, CAP, Fellow

Ultimately, outside of the legal work clients seek us out for, the core issue for every retiree is housing — even if they do not realize it during the planning stages.

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SECURE 2.0 Opens the Door for Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts (QLACs)


By Stephen Silverberg, CELA, CAP, Fellow, AEP®

The QLAC allows individuals to convert up to $200,000 of their IRA to a non-countable resource for Medicaid eligibility.

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The Attorney-Client Disconnect


By Rajiv Nagaich, CAP, Fellow

The way Americans plan for retirement is missing the mark, and the proof is in your appointment calendar.

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New York NAELA Chapter: 2023 50-State Medicaid Chart


By New York NAELA Chapter

Available online only. This chart will serve as a valuable reference tool for attorneys to use in cross-border Medicaid planning for their clients with interests in multiple states.

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